If you have a nanny, it isn

If you have a nanny, it isn’t only important for your kids to have a good relationship with them.  You should work towards building a positive relationship with your nanny as well; after all, they’re in your house most of the time.  This relationship starts as soon as childcare services begin.  Here are tips for parents to establish good working relationships with their nannies.

1. Establish Guidelines From the Start With Your Nanny

One of the best ways to start a parent nanny relationship is with a clear contract that both parties agree to. Before they ever start providing childcare services, sit down with your nanny to discuss everything from pay to house rules to your kids’ likes and dislikes. If both sides get the opportunity to make their expectations clear from the start, it is more likely that you will have a good experience moving forward.

2. Communicate With Your Nanny

Keep your nanny in the loop as much as possible. It is better to over-communicate than under-communicate. Nannies should know when they should call you and how to reach you. They should also be informed about anything pertaining to the ins and outs of their day with the kids, from schedule changes to children’s moods. You want your nanny to feel comfortable asking you any questions they might have, and you should not feel awkward talking to them either. Frequent two-way communication is key to a successful relationship.

3. Don’t stay back

Staying in touch with your nanny is one thing. Constantly micromanaging them is quite another. Once you have shown the nanny what to do and where to go, step back and let them be in charge. Since you hired childcare services, you know that the person you chose has experience working with children. Trust their judgment. Nannies should be more than willing to take advice from parents, but you should respect their knowledge and experience as well.

4. Resolve Issues Quickly

If there is ever any kind of issue or conflict with your nanny, get it out in the open as soon as possible. It is not good to let things fester and grow into a bigger problem than needed. Be respectful but honest about what you are seeing and feeling. At the same time, don’t be too quick to jump on your nanny for having an off day. We all get tired sometimes, so if the energy is lower than usual one day, it is probably best to give your nanny the benefit of the doubt.

5. Say Thank You

A little thanks goes a long way. Nannies do essential work for families. It would be hard to do your job if they didn’t do their job. Take the time to say thank you. Your nanny will appreciate it. Small gifts or bonuses around the holidays can help show how grateful you are for the help they provide. Never underestimate the power of a little encouragement.

Looking for Nanny Services?

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