Hire a maternity nurse you can trust!

The expertise of a maternity nurse is invaluable in the first stages of a newborn’s life. With her experience, knowledge, support and guidance, a maternity nurse can assist parents gain confidence in their new role and help them establish and maintain a strong and ongoing routine.
For families already with children, a maternity nurse can help parents get a good night’s sleep and help them through the first few months with their new baby.

To find a day or night maternity nurse, Bee-Boo is here to help.
Maternity nurse can work 5, 6 or 7 days a week, day or night. Two maternity nurses will be needed to work two shifts (day or night) if the family requires 24-hour service.


What are the main responsibilities of a Maternity Nurse?

The main responsibilities of the Maternity Nurse are as follows:
Babysitting services
Providing care for your newborn baby (including changing, feeding, bathing and playing)
Postnatal care and attention, support and encouragement to mothers
Accompanying parents in the early months
Supervising and tidying the baby’s room
Setting up and organising the nursery
Sleep routine for your baby to ensure a good night’s sleep
Supporting and encouraging breastfeeding
Teaching you safety and hygiene around the baby
Sterilising bottles and preparing your baby’s meals

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NB: Maternity Nurse hours can be offered as a gift voucher – for the perfect birth gift! For more information, please contact us.