No matter the event, as long as you got a babysitter

bee-boo is always by your side to book one or more sitters. bee-boo gets you in touch with selected professionals showing strong references. In any case, you remain the employer of the sitter. We also provide invaluable assistance to parents/organizers in the following situations:
  • Your wedding
  • A friend or family member’s wedding to enable you to enjoy the event
  • A private party or any other event
  • An outing or a romantic weekend
  • Children’s birthday party


bee-boo offers you these services thanks to a specially trained team for these kinds of events. Whether a birthday party with children to entertain, a wedding where the children need a different program, a private party, a baby shower, etc., it is crucial to count on professionals to supervise the children, if possible in the most entertaining way; and above all, in complete safety.


What Families Say