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Our goal at BeeBoo? To become the benchmark for recruiting the best nannies in Geneva andthe canton of Vaud! best nannies in Geneva and the canton of Vaud! As the season draws to a close, we’re proud to unveil our results for the 2023/2024 season. Beyond our ambition, we aspire to offer you a pre-selection of exceptional childcare professionals. Find out in an exclusive interview with BeeBoo’s founder, why you should choose our agency to recruit a nnany in Geneva and the canton of Vaud!


(BeeBoo) Hello Vaïluna, how many families have you met over the past year?

(Vaïluna Daligault, Founder) We were able to meet over 170 families! Each with their own unique expectations and challenges…


How many nannies were placed by the agency?

This year at Beeboo, we managed to finalize 132 mandates, which means an increase of almost 87% on the previous season! This progression demonstrates that we are perceived as a reliable and competent player in the childcare sector in our cantons.


How many weddings, birthdays, communions and christenings have been catered for thanks to the professionalism of BeeBoo’s entertainers?

Around twenty major family events attended by our entertainers, nannies and beeboo-sitters!


How many romantic evenings have been made possible thanks to BeeBoo-Sitters?

(broad smile) We’re always delighted to be able to satisfy this type of request! As childcare specialists, but also as moms and big lovers, we know that evenings out for 2 are a real breath of fresh air for parents! Last year, 21 romantic evenings were made possible thanks to the quality of our BeeBoo-Sitters!

Thank you Vailuna for all your answers! We couldn’t conclude without mentioning the equally important figures gathered on our networks for this past year:

1334 folowers on our social networks

2126 ❤ on Instagram

132 job offers posted  on our networks

75  reviews from families and nannies

211 employees and professionals-friends on Linkedin

1410 Subscribers to our  BeeBoo Newsletter


All these figures make us a trusted choice for your childcare needs

See you next year to keep score and track our progress! Thank you in advance for your support!



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