Looking for nanny rates in Geneva and Vaud? In this article, delve into the world of prices charged by live-in nannies in the canton of Geneva and Vaud.

Rates for a live-in nanny in Geneva and the canton of Vaud: get out your calculators, we’ll tell you everything!



Welcome to this practical guide to home nanny rates in Geneva and the canton of Vaud. Wondering how much it costs? Don’t worry, we’ve got the answer! In this article, dive into the world of in-home nanny prices in Geneva and Vaud. We’ll reveal the secrets behind the rates, the options available to you and tips on how to find the perfect nanny without the hassle. With your calculator in hand, get ready to make informed, stress-free childcare choices!


rates for a live-in nanny in Geneva and the canton of Vaud
With BeeBoo, you’re sure to find the ideal nanny in the canton of Geneva and Vaud.


Rates for a live-in nanny in Geneva and the canton of Vaud

Rates for home nanny services in Geneva and the canton of Vaud vary according to several factors, including the nanny’s experience, location and services included. In general, rates range from CHF 25 to 35 per hour, with a minimum of CHF 200 gross per day for an 8-hour day. If you opt for a live-in nanny, you can also benefit from additional deductions of up to CHF 990 per month for food, accommodation and laundry costs.


Tax deductions for a live-in nanny in these two Swiss cantons

It’s important to note that childcare costs can be deducted from your taxes, but the deductible amounts vary from canton to canton. For example, in the canton of Geneva, the law currently allows you to deduct up to CHF 25,048 per year per child for actual childcare costs. In the canton of Vaud, on the other hand, this amount is capped at CHF 10,100 per year per child. It is advisable to check  tax updates for the current year , as deductible amounts may change.


BeeBoo processing fees – what are they for?

If you are considering using BeeBoo’s services to find a live-in nanny in Geneva and the canton of Vaud, you should also take into account the associated processing fees. These fees vary according to the type of contract: CHF 400 for a nanny search on a permanent contract, CHF 250 for a fixed-term contract (over one month) and CHF 100 for an occasional nanny contract (under one month). These fees cover our search and selection services for qualified nannies in Geneva and the canton of Vaud, guaranteeing you a top pre-selection for a reliable and secure childcare solution! 


Home Childcare Rates in Geneva: Well Informed, Well Prepared, Well Protected

In conclusion, in-home childcare in Geneva can represent a significant financial investment, but it’s essential to consider the tax deductions available and choose an option that suits your needs and budget. By learning about in-home nanny rates and exploring tax deduction options, you can make informed decisions to ensure the best quality of care for your children.


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