Learn about current and future educational trends at Pop.Pins Academy seminars

POP.PINS ACADEMY seminars: Learn about current and future educational trends!



At POP.PINS ACADEMY, discover one-day seminars to master the educational trends of today and tomorrow! Be on the cutting edge and discover essential information for the well-being of our children!

Special discount for BeeBoo families and candidates (nanny recruitment specialist), and Pop.Pins Academy alumni! Contact us for rates

NB: parents are welcome to attend our workshops with their little boo’! We also offer an on-site babysitting service, so that your children are in safe hands while you attend the seminar.

* On-site nanny service rates: on request


At the POP.PINS ACADEMY on SATURDAY, MAY 4, 2024: Welcoming baby into a healthy environment: Eco-friendly gestures at home

👶🍃 Would you like to welcome baby into a healthier, greener environment? Join us on SATURDAY MAY 4, 2024 for a day dedicated to creating a cozy, eco-friendly nest for our babies.

🌿 Enriching discussions, practical tips and interactive demonstrations await you. Discover the benefits of wipes and cloth diapers with creative solutions to simplify their use! During the day, we’ll be offering you all the eco-friendly solutions you need to take care of your baby while preserving our planet! From waste reduction to eco-friendly cleaning and hygiene products, together let’s cultivate a better world for our little Boo!

Join us for a special “sustainable solutions” day that will metamorphose your daily lives and help build a greener future for our little ones! 🌿👶

Public: Future and existing parents, early childhood professionals

Duration: 6 hours from 9am to 12pm, then from 1pm to 4pm

Price: CHF 100

Experts: Pauline, who runs the NOUNOU À DOMICILE training courses , who runs the NOUNOU  DOMICILE training courses, Vanessa and an external guest speaker for the chapter on washable diapers.


At the POP.PINS ACADEMY on SATURDAY JUNE 8, 2024: Encouraging free play and designing spaces – Montessori

As parents or childcare professionals, we’ve all heard at least 1 mention of the Montessori method. But what is it really? What’s it all about, and what’s at stake?

On Saturday June 8, our expert Pauline will tell you all about this educational approach, which is often acclaimed but not always easy to put into practice! We’ll teach you how to integrate Montessori principles into your own environment. We’ll show you how to create suitable spaces and how to encourage free play to let our children express their full potential! Learn all about the surprising benefits of autonomy and self-learning for our toddlers!

Public: Early childhood professionals
Duration: 7 hours from 9am to 12pm – 1pm to 5pm
Price: CHF 100
Expert : Pauline


At the POP.PINS ACADEMY on SATURDAY JUNE 15, 2024: First aid for young children

I still remember when I introduced my new little Boo to my friends for the first time. One of them said to me, “You’ll see, sometimes you’ll feel like you’re saving his life about once a day.” That sentence hit me like a thunderclap! I remember the day, the weather and the color of the bench we were sitting on, so this warning had such an impact on me, it frightened me!

That’s when the importance of taking part in a first-aid seminar especially for young children becomes obvious! Learning the gestures that can make all the difference for our little ones is a priority for all young parents, nannies and early childhood professionals.

Learn how to deal with life’s little mishaps and accidents, because every moment counts when it comes to the safety and well-being of our budding little adventurers.

Public: Childcare professionals & Parents

Duration: 4 hours from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Price: CHF 150 per participant


At the POP.PINS ACADEMY on SATURDAY JUNE 22, 2024: Reggio* pedagogy & nature

As an early childhood professional, you owe it to yourself to learn about the Reggio approach and all that it entails.

This amazing educational approach encourages exploration, play and collaboration, while valuing the environment as a teaching tool. With our expert Vanessa, you’ll learn how to act as guides and support our young children’s learning projects.

On Saturday June 22, fill up on tips and tricks for implementing this approach, which aims to develop children’s autonomy, creativity and understanding of the world.

Public: Early childhood professionals

Duration: 6 hours – 9am to 12pm – 1pm to 4pm

Price: CHF 100

Expert : Vanessa



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