Reference letters

We love it when nannies come to their interviews with amazing reference letters. We know that these letters…

Spotligh on nannies

Spotlight on nannies…
BeeBoo recruits professional nannies throughout Switzerland. In fact, the company…

How to start your relationship Family / Nanny on the right foot?

Nous mettons en relation des nounous et des familles tous les jours.

Why art is important to a child?

When children are young and interested in art, it is essential to let them express all their creativ…

Building a relationship with your nanny – Tips

If you have a nanny, it isn’t only important for your kids to have

Game contest Bee-Boo

Come and see us this weekend at the Bébé & Moi exhibition at Palexpo

New Partnership Le Salon du mariage – Automnales 2021 Palexpo & BeeBoo

Present twice at Automnales thanks to this second partnership with Palexpo and Salon du Mariage

Bébé & Moi during the Automnales 2021 & BeeBoo

We are pleased to announce that we are partners with Palexpo

Our nanny services

We are a nanny agency based in Geneva. We select the best childcare staff on behalf of the families we…

Our first advertising poster!

We are super happy to share with you our first BeeBoo poster advertising !